This is how it all began


Tasty Treasures is founded on the belief that love and appreciation can be baked into a delicious creation, and that the sweetest memories can be made over the simplest baked good.

It all started at age eleven when I developed a real passion for baking.  As my passion grew, I realized this is what I want for my career.  I love to bake.  I love the joy it brings others and the satisfaction I feel seeing those smiling faces.  At the tender age of fourteen, I had my first tasting event and the response was amazing!  So, I launched my own little shop.  

From a smooth chess pie to a zesty, beautifully-flavored lemon cake, I work hard to make every bite worth every penny and then some.  Every product of my bakery is made from scratch, hand crafted, and well thought-out from the hand-rolled pie crust to the consistency of the Artisan Bread dough.

My greatest reward is the satisfaction of my customers.  In that vein, I strive to use only the best, freshest ingredients in everything I do.  Preservatives, dyes, and other “ingredients” found in commercial food won’t enter my kitchen.  I want my food to nourish my customers, not just fill their belly for a moment.

Providing everyone with tasty treasures, and supplying families and friends with sweet memories is what I do.

Tasty Treasures: making your life sweeter.